Board of Directors




The Board is vested with the power to perform all acts that are necessary or useful for the Company’s purpose, except for those actions that are specifically reserved by law or the articles of association to the general shareholders’ meeting or other management bodies.

In particular, the Board is responsible for:

  • defining the general orientations of the Company;
  • deciding on and regularly reviewing any aspect related to all major strategic, financial, and operational matters of the Company;
  • deciding on the Executive Management structure and determining the powers and duties entrusted to them;
  • taking all necessary measures to guarantee the integrity and timely disclosure of the Company’s financial statements and other material financial and non-financial information about the Company in accordance with the applicable law;
  • monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the Audit Committee and the Nomination and Remuneration Committee;
  • approving a framework of internal control and risk management set up by the Executive Management and reviewing its implementation;
  • monitoring the quality of the services provided by the statutory auditor(s) and the internal audit, taking into account the Audit Committee’s review;
  • approving the remuneration report submitted by the Nomination and Remuneration Committee; and
  • any other issue reserved to the Board under the BCCA.

The Board has delegated to the members of the Executive Management the duty to implement the corporate strategy determined by the Board and to carry out the general management of the Company.