Viohalco’s sustainability strategy cannot be realized without the proper governance structures related to ESG matters in place at Board level and across the various subsidiaries. This is an essential ingredient in order to translate the ambitions and goals into actions. 
Viohalco’s Board has validated the ESG strategy including the following key pillars: establishment of policies and relevant KPIs, goal setting in material issues, establishment of appropriate due diligence mechanism, implementation of ESG in supply chain and oversight of ESG strategy, risks, and issues at Board level. 

Transparency and anti-corruption

Viohalco and its companies acknowledge the significance of business ethics and anti-corruption matters. In order to ensure the implementation of the respective policy, they have applied the proper internal controls and procedures of operation demonstrating accountability, fairness, and transparency in the relationship with all stakeholders. 

As part of the ESG strategy established in 2021, Viohalco companies implemented a new initiative for employee training in matters of business ethics and code of conduct, and anti-bribery and corruption. 



Another initiative established in the ESG strategy in 2021, is the whistleblower mechanism that is intended to detect and prevent illegal behaviour at an early stage. The mechanism establishes the proper channels of communication for anyone either within or outside Viohalco and its subsidiaries to report illegal behavior regarding labour or human rights practices, environmental compliance, and business ethics while at the same time ensuring comprehensive protection and support for reporting persons. The mechanism is in full compliance with the European Whistleblowing Directive. 

Integrity Hotline

To raise a concern or issue related to our company that is not in line with our Business Practices use our Integrity Hotline page. Individuals have the right to remain anonymous when reporting a concern or issue.

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