Energy and power networks

Renewable energy industry

Renewable energy industry

Viohalco companies manufacture products and develop services that meet the specific requirements of the growing renewable energy market as projects of this nature continue to be in high demand. 

Hellenic Cables PV age-resistant cables for solar parks
  Submarine cables for offshore wind farms
  Land cables for onshore wind farms
Elval Wide aluminium tread plates for windmill platforms and wide sheets for windmill nacelles
  Aluminium coils for solar and photovoltaic (PV) systems
Halcor TALOS® SOLAR PLUS - Solar panel applications
  Copper Tubes Talos® Ecutherm Solar for solar systems and Talos® Geotherm copper tubes for geothermal heating and cooling applications.
  TALOS® GEOTHERM - Geothermal heating and cooling
Sofia Med

Copper bus bars for windmills and wind generators

Copper strips and sheets for solar panels

Cablel Wires Coils and inverters for Wind turbines and Solar systems