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Activities and companies


With more than 50 years of industry know-how and expertise in steel, Sidenor is a reliable partner offering quality and innovative solutions to its world-class customers. 
Sidenor, Stomana Industry and their subsidiaries constitute the steel production and trading segment of Viohalco. With subsidiaries dealing in the production, manufacture and sales of steel products, Sidenor is the largest Greek steel producer with a leading position in Greece and the Balkans. Steel Group’s extensive product portfolio, which includes long and flat steel products, and downstream products, is manufactured across ten primary facilities in Greece, Bulgaria and North Macedonia. From buildings, road works, metro stations, bridges and shopping malls to hydroelectric dam projects, steel segment companies cater to the complex needs of international clients via a portfolio of value added products and solutions. Project locations span Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Croatia, Tunisia and the U.S.A., making the steel group a truly global supplier.

Key companies 

Steel segment key companies are: 
Sidenor Steel Industry produces a wide range of steel products from billets to SD concrete reinforcing steel (in bars and coils), wire rods and merchant bars. 
Sovel’s Almyros production facility manufactures SD concrete reinforcing steel in bars, spooled coils and mesh as well as Sidefit, Sidefor and Sidefor Plus lines of products.
Stomana Industry S.A. has production facilities in Pernik, Bulgaria, which manufacture a wide range of steel products, from steel quarto plates to SBQs, SD concrete reinforcing steel in bars, steel balls, special profiles and merchant bars.
Dojran Steel Dooel has production facilities in Nikolic, North Macedonia.  The company is active in the production of merchant bars, as well as concrete reinforcing products, wire mesh, and girders.
Erlikon is the sole producer of welding products in Greece. Erlikon primarily manufactures welding electrodes, copper-plated wires, galvanized and black wires, galvanized meshes in rolls and sheets and concrete reinforcing steel fibres.
As part of steel group’s growth strategy and to strengthen Stomana Industry’s links with Central and Western Europe, the steel group acquired Port Svishtov West S.A. which is situated on the banks of the Danube River, at a distance of 1,840 km from the port of Regensburg, where materials are frequently dispatched by barges and from there delivered by trucks/wagons to their final destination point.