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Activities and companies


Copper has been at the core of Viohalco companies’ activities since Viohalco was established in 1937. Viohalco’s copper segment companies provide their global customers with quality copper, copper alloy and brass products ranging from copper tubes for water supply, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) networks to copper sheets and strips for architectural and industrial applications.
Viohalco is active in the copper industry through Halcor, the copper & alloys extrusion division of ElvalHalcor, and the copper segment subsidiaries, Sofia Med (Sofia Med) in Bulgaria, Epirus Metalworks in Greece, Cablel Wires in Greece and HC Isitma (Turkey). Through an extended product portfolio that primarily comprises copper and brass tubes, copper rolled products and copper alloy and brass extruded products, Halcor and the copper subsidiaries, cater to the complex needs of its international clientele, across all major geographical markets.
The production base of the copper segment companies includes efficient manufacturing facilities in Greece and Bulgaria that provide versatile and dynamic solutions for customers.   


Key companies 

Through three state-of-the-art production plants at Oinofyta, Greece, Halcor (copper & alloys extrusion division of ElvalHalcor) is active in the manufacturing of copper tubes for building installation and industrial applications. Uses of its products include water supply, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) and natural gas networks.
One of the Halcor’s production plant at Oinofyta, Greece is primarily active in the production of brass extrusions, manufacturing bars, profiles, rods, wires, tubes and copper alloy wire and net for fish farm cages. 
Sofia Med S.A. in Sofia, Bulgaria, produces copper, copper alloy rolled products, as well as copper extruded products. 
Having ultra-modern facilities in Livadia, Viotia which also operate a logistics centre, Cablel Wires is the sole manufacturer of enamelled wires in Greece. Cablel Wires produces round and rectangular copper and aluminium enamelled wires used in transformers, motors, generators, refrigeration compressors and the automotive industry. Moreover, Cablel Wires produces copper wires for earthing and for applications in the can industry. 
Epirus Metalworks is one of the leading manufacturers of coin blanks in Europe. Its state-of the-art manufacturing plant produces all types of coin blanks and rings for bi-colour coins. The manufacturing plant is located in the north-western region of Greece, 60km from the historic city of Ioannina.