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From copper and brass tubes to copper and brass rolled products, Halcor (Copper and alloys extrusion division of ElvalHalcor) and the copper segment subsidiaries provide their clients with innovative solutions that successfully cover a wide range of consumer and industrial needs. The copper segment main product categories are:

  • Tubes: Talos®, Talos® EcuthermTM, Cusmart®, Talos® Gas, Talos® Med, Talos® ACR, Talos® ACR Inner Grooved, Talos® ACR EcuthermTM, Talos® Geotherm, Talos® EcuthermTM Solar, Talos® Solar Plus, Talos® ACR Linesets, Talos® Form and Talos® Plated copper tubes.
  • Rolled products: Copper and brass strips, sheets, discs and plates and special copper alloy strips.
  • Extruded products: Copper bus bars and rods, brass rods and tubes, profiles and wires, copper alloy wire and net.
  • Cables: Cables and conductors, enamelled wires, copper and aluminium wire rods, as well as plastic and rubber compounds.
  • Αll types of coin blanks, rings for bi-colour coins.

Over the years, Halcor - Copper and alloys extrusion division of ElvalHalcor SA and the copper segment subsidiaries have built a solid track record in developing innovative products that expand its reach, widen its market, and further strengthen its commercial presence. 

Some key product examples include:

  • Talos® EcuthermTM: Pre-insulated copper tube with advanced insulating characteristics
  • Cusmart®: a patented flexible copper tube coated with a special PE compound
  • Talos® Geotherm: Coated, PVC-insulated copper tube used in geothermal applications
  • Talos® ACR Inner Grooved tubes: high-technology tubes with inner grooves and minimum wall thickness of 0.25mm. Halcor is one of the few European manufacturers that can deliver products using micro groove technology and produce inner grooved tubes with a cross-section of 5mm for the HVAC&R industry
  • Talos® plated copper tubes: combine excellent technical attributes with a unique design for installation applications
  • Talos® Form: Copper tubes for exceptional forming capability.