Product solutions

Product portfolio


Rolled products


  • Construction: Mill finish and coated aluminium coils and sheets, composite panels, corrugated and perforated sheets for building facades, roofing, rainwater gutters and other construction applications
  • Rigid packaging: Aluminium for food and beverage cans, closures, packaging caps and precision valves 
  • Flexible packaging: Aluminium foil for household use and industrial applications, cigarette packaging, food, pharmaceutical and aseptic packaging
  • Transportation sector: Aluminium products for the automotive, marine, road and rail industries, and the HVAC&R sector
  • Lithographic coils: Coils for the production of lithographic plates used in printing lines
  • Household use: Aluminium sheets and circles used as a semi-finished product by manufacturers of domestic ware and cookware
  • Industrial applications: Aluminium sheets, coils and circles for engineering applications.



Extruded products


  • Architectural systems: Aluminium systems for doors, windows, building facades, curtain wall systems, sun louvres, rolling shutters, ventilated facades systems, security systems, etc.
  • Industrial aluminium applications: Aluminium profiles and processed hard alloy bars for various industrial uses:
    • General engineering applications: furnitures, ladders, machine benches, heat syncs for electrical applications
    • Building applications: scaffolding systems, lighting systems and special shading applications 
    • Energy applications: photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters, heat exchangers 
    • Transportation: aluminium profiles for truck bodies, trailers, bicycles and marine applications 
  • Automotive applications: Extruded aluminium profiles and parts that have undergone special tooling and machining and are used in car chassis, suspension systems, doors and decorative aluminium profiles for roof railings.




One of the aluminium segment companies’ key competitive advantages lies in its technical excellence in delivering innovative solutions to its clients, largely due to its significant investments and strategic focus on R&D&Ι. 

Elval has allocated significant resources to advancing internal and external R&D. Internally, R&D centres such as the Elval Technology Centre have been established and externally, active working relationships have been developed with research institutes and scientific bodies to facilitate exchange of technical and operational expertise. These relationships include the Elkeme - Hellenic Research Centre for Metals S.A., Manchester University’s School of Materials and the Research and Development Department of the United Aluminum Company of Japan (UACJ Corp.), among others.

Thanks to their focus on product research, Viohalco companies continually develop solutions to improve clients’ manufacturing processes. Examples include highly-resistant special products with anti-slip properties, products subjected to deep drawing and extrusion, tension levelled sheets with top-quality lacquer-coatings and products made of 100% recycled aluminium. 

Elval and its subsidiaries manufacture environmentally friendly products such as:

  • Elval Colours aluminium composite panels and Elval ENFTM coated aluminium sheets for architectural applications
  • Green alloy: an alloy produced solely from aluminium scrap
  • Brazing alloys: high-tech, multi-layer alloys for heat exchangers
  • Aluminium alloys for multi-layer tubes
  • Wide tread plates and mill finish sheets for wind turbines and solar panels for the renewable energy industry