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Product solutions

Product portfolio

The cables segment (Hellenic Cables) product portfolio includes a variety of cables and wires catering to a wide range of demands, from high profile individual projects to generic industrial applications. More specifically, product solutions provided by Hellenic Cables, its subsidiaries and Icme Ecab are used in the building, telecommunication and energy industries, as well as for specialised industrial applications. The key product categories are as follows:
  • Power cables: Submarine cables, medium, high and extra high voltage cables, internal installation cables, control cables, cables for industrial applications and external installations, fire-retardant, fire-resistant and halogen-free cables, marine cables, copper conductors (grounding), aluminium, ACSR and ACSS/TW conductors.
  • Telecommunication cables: Conventional telephone cables, telephone exchange and data transmission cables (LAN), fibre-optic (single-mode and multi-mode), submarine cables, and signalling cables.
  • Enamelled wires: Enamelled copper and aluminium wires (round and rectangular) for electric motors and transformers, and copper wires for grounding, earthing and welding applications (can industry). Hellenic Cables is the sole manufacturer of enamelled wires in Greece.
  • Plastic and rubber compounds: PVC-based plastic compounds, low smoke halogen free polyolefin-based plastic compounds and rubber compounds.



One of cables segment companies’ (Hellenic Cables) key competitive advantages is its ability to provide turnkey solutions to its customers. The Hellenic Cables' capabilities include the following:
  • System design and engineering
  • Cable route survey
  • Design and manufacturing of suitable underground and submarine cable types
  • Loading and transportation of cables to the project site
  • Installation of cables (with the use of specialised cable laying vessels for submarine cables)
  • Protection of cables along the cable route
  • Supply and installation of repair joints, transition joints and cable terminations
  • Supply and installation of terminal equipment
  • System testing and commissioning
  • Project management
  • Training of customer personnel in the operation of the system and
  • Provision of maintenance and repair solutions.