Packaging material


Viohalco companies develop and manufacture a wide range of products for packaging applications, which are recognised for their superior coating, reliability and environmentally friendly properties. The companies develop and produce innovative and competitive products that address the specific needs of customers in terms of weight reduction, efficiency in further processing, tolerances, physical behaviour and safety. 
Premium quality aluminium for :
  • Beverage industry (bodies, ends and tabs of beverage cans)
  • Food industry (bodies, ends and tabs of food cans)
  • Closures
  • Aerosol valves
  Pre-treated or coated aluminium for rigid packaging with a large selection of lacquering systems including badge-free, PVC-free, BPA NI solvent based or water-based coatings
Symetal Converter alu-foil
  Blister and cold forming alu-foil for pharmaceutical applications
  Pre-lubricated and pre-lacquered alu-foil for food containers
  Aluminium foil for industrial applications
  Aluminium household foil
  Chocolate alu-foil
  Cigarette alu-foil
  Chewing gum alu-foil
  Coated alu-foil for lids, cheese and pharmaceutical applications
Erlikon Black and galvanised steel wire that is used for bundling/baling purposes in packaging