Building and construction




Viohalco companies offer a wide range of products for the construction industry.  These range from structural elements and steel reinforcement systems for infrastructure projects, to a full range of cables, tubes, and aluminium profile systems for individual buildings products.
Sidenor SD Integrated concrete reinforcing system which includes (SD concrete reinforcing steel in bars and coils, spooled coils, cut-to-length SD rebars, Sidefit special mesh, prefabricated stirrup cages Sidefor and Sidefor plus, SD stirrup reinforcement mesh and wire mesh)
  Wire rods, merchant bars
  Steel quarto plates
  Steel fibres for concrete reinforcement
  THN profiles for tunnel and mining
Corinth Pipeworks Steel hollow sections and steel pipes used in steel construction and pilling applications
Halcor The Talos® copper tubes product range for building and construction, water supply applications, HVAC&R, under-floor heating, natural gas installations, solar and other renewable every application.

Hellenic Cables 

Full range of quality cables for use in power, data and telecommunication applications in infrastructure projects
Symetal Aluminium foil for roof and wall insulation and foil for flexible tubes, air-ducts and honeycomb panels
Aeiforos Hard aggregates for skid-resistant bituminous layers, aggregates for road base and sub-base, aggregates for high-strength concrete, products for soil stabilization
Erlikon Welded electrodes