Viohalco share



 Τhe share capital of Viohalco is set at EUR 141,893,811.46 and is divided into 259,189,761 shares without nominal value, further to the completion of the Cross-Border Merger by absorption by Viohalco of the Greek companies Elval Holdings Société Anonyme (Elval), Diatour, Management and Tourism Société Anonyme (Diatour), Alcomet Copper and Aluminium Société Anonyme (Alcomet) and the Luxembourg company Eufina S.A. (Eufina) on 26 February 2016.

The shares have been issued in registered and dematerialised form. All the shares are freely transferable and fully paid up. The company has not issued any other category of shares, such as non-voting or preferential shares.

All the shares representing the share capital have the same rights. In accordance with the articles of association of the company, each share entitles its holder to one vote.