Delivering sustainable growth


85 years expertise in metal processing


Delivering sustainable growth


Delivering sustainable growth


Transforming the future


Building for a sustainable future


7 business segments serving diversified and dynamic markets


Viohalco S.A. (VIO) is a Belgium-based holding company of leading metal processing companies in Europe. With main production facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, the United Kingdom North Macedonia, a strong commercial network in 18 countries and sales in 95 countries worldwide, Viohalco companies focus on technological advancement and specialise in the manufacture of aluminium, copper, cables, steel and steel pipes products, generating annual revenue of EUR 6.3 billion (2023). Viohalco companies are committed to sustainable manufacturing of high-quality, innovative products and solutions for dynamic and promising markets such as: building and construction, packaging, transportation (automotive, shipbuilding & rail), energy networks (offshore energy, utilities and power grids, renewable energy, gas and liquid fuels), HVAC&R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and  refrigeration), water supply, telecommunications, printing, and various industrial applications. 

Viohalco portfolio also includes a segment dedicated to technology, innovation and R&D&I, comprising companies focused on product innovation, industrial research and technological development, engineering applications, business application services. 

Viohalco is also active in the real estate sector, through a Real Estate Investment Company (REIC) that creates value through commercial exploitation of its diversified and high-quality portfolio spanning offices, shopping centres, hotels and logistics. 

Across all segments, the companies offer products and services that closely align with current global sustainability megatrends. This reflects their ability to meet the evolving needs of customers and their drive to operate responsibly and sustainably. 

Viohalco companies’ products cater directly to megatrends such as circular economy, reflected in demand for recyclable products, with high recycled content, transition to climate neutrality, sustainable urbanization reflected in energy efficient buildings and e-mobility, and technological advancements and digitalization.


Wide range of quality products and solutions


Viohalco’s companies offer a wide range of high quality, innovative products and solutions to customers operating in diverse and demanding markets across the globe. They offer sustainable and cost-effective products in a range of dimensions, cross-sections, metals, and alloys.

Aluminium Mill finish and coated aluminium coils, sheets and circles for industrial and architectural applications, aluminium strips for beverage cans, closures and aerosol valves; aluminium foil for household and industrial applications; pharmaceutical and food packaging; aluminium sheets and parts for marine, road, rail and automotive industries, coils for lithographic printing, aluminium architectural systems for building applications, aluminium extruded profiles for the automotive industry and aluminium profiles for industrial applications.




Copper and brass tubes, copper and copper alloy products, brass extruded products, copper and brass rolled products, conductors and enamelled copper wires and coin blanks. 




Titanium zinc Rolled titanium zinc products for roofing applications, facades and rainwater drainage systems. Coils, strips, sheets and accessories in colours such as pre-weathered gray, black, red, green and blue.





Cables Land and sub marine power cables, telecommunication cables for transmission, distribution and buildings and plastic and rubber compounds.




Steel pipes

Steel pipes and hollow sections for the energy and construction sectors.  



Steel Long and flat steel products, integrated concrete reinforcing system, merchant bars, quarto plates, special bars quality, steel balls, THN profiles for mining and tunnel support, boron flats for forklifts, wire rods and downstream products.




Real estate

Noval Property, a Real Estate Investment Company (R.E.I.C.) active in real estate development and investment sectors. Holds a wide property portfolio, as it includes office buildings, shopping malls, residential and tourist properties, as well as industrial buildings.

Steelmet Property Services, provides a wide range of centralized real estate services such as property, facilities and asset management for the subsidiaries of the holding company as well as for third parties. The company has under its management the most important investment assets of Viohalco companies.

ERGOSTEEL is a construction company established in 2001 which specializes in industrial projects as well as office buildings. Its clients list include the biggest industrial, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies of Greece.




R&D&I and technology

Elkeme is the Hellenic Research Centre for Metals. Industrial research and technological development of the four major metals sectors (aluminium, copper, steel and zinc) providing efficient and sustainable solutions. Elkeme provides R&D&I services and technical solutions for new products, and also optimizes existing products and business and plant production processes.

Teka Systems SA - Business Solutions

Teka Systems - Business Solutions, is a leading business technology company in Greece and Southeastern Europe with extensive experience of design – implementation and supporting large-scale SAP ERP, ServiceNow and Salesforce projects. Teka Systems provides the best of breed solutions in a SAP ecosystem and integrates optimally in order to take advantage of all the benefits of Digital Transformation projects.



Engineering, Design & Installation
Design, engineering and construction for the steel, aluminium, copper, power and telecommunication cables industries. Teka Engineering S.A. specializes in installation and commissioning of industrial equipment and process automation through the integration of new technologies into projects, as well as in Energy Saving solutions and Safety-Zero access systems.





Other activities

Other activities mainly encompass, ceramic trade activities (Vitruvit), resource recovery segment and other services (Steelmet, Steelmet Financial Services).


Resource recovery, trade and processing of secondary raw materials, waste management services and environmental projects to Viohalco subsidiaries as well as to external corporate customers/consumers, utilities and collective take back schemes.




Ceramic trade activities Ceramics and industrial minerals.





Other services Corporate services

Steelmet Corporate Services offers services at Viohalco companies such as: Strategic Development, International Business Operation, Sustainability, Non-ferrous Metal Purchasing, Resource Recovery & Central Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics, Operational Excellence, IT, HR, Communication, Financial and Auditing Services aiming to support them and drive best practices across the business segments.

Steelmet Financial Services with functional expertise in reporting, accounting and tax.

Viener is active in Greece as an electricity and natural gas supplier since 2016. The company is also holder of a trading license in the Bulgarian market since 2017. As energy is becoming an important cost factor and environmental footprint indicator, Viener seeks to provide optimal energy and consulting services to industries and large enterprises with the aim of optimizing energy costs and CO2 footprint. Viener has also acquired a license of demand response aggregator so as to ensure access to demand response services for its clients.