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Companies’ news
Viohalco companies
  • Elval
  • Halcor
  • Hellenic Cables
  • Sidenor
  • Corinth Pipeworks
  • Cenergy Holdings
  • Bridgnorth
  • Symetal
  • Etem
  • Elval Colour
  • Sofia Med
  • Stomana
  • Fitco
  • Elkeme
  • Teka
  • Aeiforos
  • Aeiforos Bulgaria
  • Anamet
  • Bianatt
  • Erlikon
  • Noval
  • Viomal
  • Sidma
  • Vitruvit


A Belgium-based holding company of leading metal processing companies across Europe. Viohalco subsidiaries focus on technological advancement and R&D and specialise in the manufacture of aluminium, copper, cables, steel and steel pipes product solutions.

Quality product solutions

Focused on superior quality and R&D, Viohalco companies bring innovative and reliable products and tailor-made cost-effective solutions to customers worldwide. Viohalco companies are customer-driven solution providers.


Sustainability is fully integrated into Viohalco companies’ strategy, based on their commitment to improved environmental performance, operational health and safety, people development and support for the local communities.

Global presence

A global presence with manufacturing sites in 8 countries, a strong commercial network in 21 countries and customers served in more than 100 countries.


A key competitive advantage of Viohalco companies is their expertise in building and upgrading factories, gained through a long heritage in planning, re-engineering, process optimisation and supervisory control systems.

Corporate Governance

High standards of corporate governance play a critical role in Viohalco companies’ business success. These are founded on an unyielding commitment to personal and professional integrity, robust internal policies and effective monitoring systems.

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