Automotive industry

Automotive industry

Viohalco companies have extensive metallurgical knowledge, wide-ranging experience and a long history of aluminium, copper and steel manufacturing. 

Products for the automotive industry include high quality parts and materials used in car manufacturing which are designed to cater to the complexity, reliability and safety standards required by today’s transportation markets.  

Etem Gestamp Specially designed aluminium profiles and components, used in doors, chassis sub-frames, suspension systems and interior and exterior decorative parts
  Aluminium profiles for crash management systems
Elval Aluminium coils for automotive components (heat shields brake covers and separation frames)
Symetal Foil for rechargeable battery cells
  Foil for battery pouch
UACJ - Elval Heat Exchanger Materials GMBH Markets high-end aluminium coils used in the production of heat exchangers for automobiles
Bridgnorth Aluminium Aluminium coils and slit coils for heat noise shielding applications in the automotive industry
Hellenic Cables Cables for rail and automotive applications
Stomana Industry SBQ bars for vehicle axles and other non-critical parts
  Forging parts for the agricultural industry
Erlikon Wire and welding consumables used in the vehicle manufacturing industry
Sofia Med High performance copper alloys for automotive connectors
  Copper strips for e-mobility

Special brass rods for valve guides in internal combustion engines

  Special brass tubes for piston pin bore bushings in internal combustion engines
  Special brass rods for journal bearings in turbochargers
  Brass wires for automotive connectors
  Brass wires for electric vehicles’ charging pins and sockets
  Brass tubes for gear box refrigeration circuit
Cablel Wires Electrical components of vehicles such as door and window openers, ABS brakes, start/ stop system, power mirrors, starters, to alternators and solenoids