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Fish farming


Copper alloy wire and net for aquaculture applications


As part of its ongoing efforts to offer high quality products, the copper segment of ElvalHalcor SA has established a partnership with the Japanese Mitsubishi Shindoh company. Under the terms of the partnership, Halcor, the copper & alloys extrusion division of ElvalHalcor in Greece, produces a special copper alloy wire (UR30®) for aquaculture cages. The UR30® alloy mesh retains copper’s environmentally friendly properties, providing an ideal solution for sustainable aquaculture. This special copper alloy wire (UR30®) has unique properties. High strength, corrosion resistance, highly durable, fully recyclable material and copper’s anti-fouling properties make it an ideal material for use in aquaculture.

The benefits of using copper alloy wire and net for fish farm cages are significant, and include:

  • Increased cage life and retention of cage volume
  • Fish escape deterrence
  • Cleaner sea environment and reduced fish mortality rates
  • Reduced concentration of bio-contamination and cage mesh cleaning. 

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