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In brief

Viohalco S.A. (VIO) is a Belgium-based holding company of leading metal processing companies across Europe. With production facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, North Macedonia, Turkey, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Viohalco subsidiaries and associates focus on technological advancement and specialise in the manufacture of aluminium, copper, titan zinc cables, steel and steel pipes products, generating annual revenue of EUR 3.85 billion. The Viohalco companies are committed to sustainable manufacturing of quality, innovative and value added products and solutions for dynamic and promising markets such as:  building and construction, energy and telecommunication networks, oil and gas, transportation, marine, automotive, food and pharmaceutical packaging, heating and air conditioning, lithography and numerous other industrial applications. 
The Viohalco portfolio also includes a segment dedicated to technology, innovation and R&D, comprising companies focused on industrial research and technological development, engineering applications, ERP application services.
Viohalco and its companies also own substantial real estate, mainly in Greece, and have implemented redevelopment projects on a number of properties.

Key data 

  • Listed on Euronext Brussels Exchange (VIO) and on Athens Exchange (BIO)
  • Turnover: EUR 3.85 billion in 2020
  • Main listed subsidiaries: Cenergy Holdings (CENER) on Euronext Brussels Exchange and on Athens Exchange and ElvalHalcor (ELHA) on Athens Exchange

Global network

  • Commercial network in 21 countries.
  • Products distributed in more than 100 countries


  • 2001-2019: EUR 3.1 billion 
  • Focused on maintaining state-of-the-art equipment and high productivity, continued people development and improving sustainability 
  • Wide diversification enables Viohalco to identify global opportunities and channel investments into attractive markets


Technology and Innovation

Staying one step ahead of technological developments, Viohalco companies carry out continuous R&D and produce innovative solutions by maintaining strategic partnerships with scientific bodies, international research centres, and pioneering companies globally. Ongoing scientific research both in manufacturing plants and R&D centres along with practical experience gained at Viohalco’s copper, aluminium and steel melting plants, has resulted in significant in-house knowledge in metallurgy.
A key competitive advantage of Viohalco’s companies is their expertise in building and upgrading plants, gained through a long heritage in planning, re-engineering, process optimisation and supervisory control systems.