Energy and power networks

Power networks

Power networks


Viohalco companies offer high quality innovative solutions that address the needs of the energy market by providing efficient, cost effective and reliable products for use in power networks and distribution.
Hellenic Cables Transmission and distribution of energy: copper and aluminium LV, MV, HV, EHV cables   
  Renewable energy: PV age-resistant cables for solar parks and submarine cables for offshore wind farms
  Cables for electric and electronic equipment: enamelled copper and aluminium winding wires (round and rectangular) used in electric motors and transformers 

Sofia Med

Copper strips for cable screening
  Copper plates and bus bars for switch gears, grounding busbars
  Copper foil for transformers
Elval Aluminium coils for the production of bus-ducts in power plants 

Bridgnorth Aluminium 

Aluminium strips for transformers
Sidenor Steel merchant bars, flats and equal angles for high voltage transmission towers