Industrial applications

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering


Viohalco companies offer a diverse portfolio of quality products specifically designed and developed to ensure high performance, energy efficiency and precision in a variety of industrial applications. These products are recognised for their consistency, undisputed quality, innovative characteristics and sustainable profile and are regularly chosen by industry leaders.
The technological centres and R&D&I departments of Viohalco companies are known for their strong metallurgical and technical expertise and are designed to effectively support customer needs and provide high quality, cost-efficient solutions.    
Sidenor Steel merchant bars and wire rods
Stomana Industry Hot rolled steel plates and SBQ bars for the use in the hydraulic cylinder, forging, automotive and other engineering steel sectors
Sofia Med Copper and brass sheets, as well as strips and plates for various industrial and engineering applications, brass strips for deep drawing quality products, brass discs for music instruments (cymbals), copper strips for high frequency cables and fire resistance cables
Hellenic Cables Cables for industrial engineering applications such as halogen-free, low smoke, flame retardant and fire resistant cables for mines, tunnels and industrial installations
  Enamelled wires for transformers 
Elval Aluminium rolled products for a number of applications including circles for cookware, coils for grain silos, LED screens, PCBs (printed circuit boards), lamp bases, cabinets for telecommunication materials, insulation tubes, toolboxes and geodesic domes

Copper Tubes naked, coated and or insulated for:

  • HVAC&R applications
  • Building Installations and water supply systems
  • Solar applications
  • Renewable Energy applications
  • For us in LPG / diesel vehicles
  Brass extrusion products for:
  • Transportation
  • Building constructions and networks
  • Industrial and mechanical equipment
  • Electrical and Electronic applications
  • Shipbuilding
  • Fish farms
Cablel Wires
  • Fans, blowers
  • Inverters and transducer motors
  • Agitators, conveyors, relays and generators
Erlikon Steel wire and welding solutions for both general and specialised purposes in engineering applications