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Thermolith S.A., an Aeiforos S.A. subsidiary is a refractory producing company. Its core business consists of exploiting deposits of olivine in Northern Greece and producing basic unshaped mixes. 


 Olivine, a “green” industrial mineral, thanks to its physical and chemical properties, is used for its refractory properties in many industrial applications such as:
  • In steelmaking, as a slag conditioner in blast furnaces and EAFs,
  • In steelmaking, as tap hole filler sand in EAFs
  • In the production of shaped and unshaped refractories as a raw material
  • In casting, as foundry sand
  • In sandblasting

Unshaped refractories

In its plant, located near the port of Thessaloniki, Greece, Thermolith produces a wide range of magnesia or magnesia-olivine based refractory mixes
  • Wet coating tundish mixes
  • Dry tundish mixes
  • Tundish mixes for cold setting
  • Gunning and reaming for EAF and laddle lining repair