Approval of the establishment of Noval Property as a Real Estate Investment Company (REIC) 



The enclosed information constitutes regulated information as defined in the Belgian law of 2nd August 2002 and the Royal Decree of 14 November 2007 regarding the duties of issuers of financial instruments which have been admitted for trading on a regulated market. 


Viohalco announces that the establishment of Noval Property as Real Estate Investment Company (REIC) was approved on 15th October 2019. Noval Property was formed through the merger of Noval SA and Vet SA, in parallel and simultaneously with in kind contribution of properties from other entities affiliated to the merged companies. Noval Property owns a portfolio of 41 properties, mainly in Greece and to a lesser extent in Bulgaria that comprises shopping centres, office buildings, hotels etc. with a total built-up area of over 400,000 sq.m. 
Brussels, 16 October 2019
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