The association of economic operators Cablel® Hellenic Cables SA - Fulgor SA awarded turnkey project for the second phase of the Interconnection of Cyclades Islands in Greece


The association of economic operators of Cablel® Hellenic Cables SA and its 100% subsidiary, Fulgor SA has been selected as a supplier by ADMIE, the Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator,  for a turnkey project of approx. value of EUR 40 million for the supply of high voltage submarine systems intended at progressively connecting the islands Paros – Naxos and Naxos - Mykonos in the Aegean Sea, Greece with the onshore high voltage grid of ADMIE on the mainland. 
The association of economic operators Cablel® Hellenic Cables SA-Fulgor SA will undertake the design, engineering, manufacturing, laying, protection, termination and testing of approx. 52 Km of 150kV composite AC three-core, XLPE insulated, submarine cables, which include one optical cable with 24 fibres. The execution of the project is due to commence in 2018. The submarine cables will be manufactured at Fulgor’s plant in Corinth, Greece where the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment enable the production and testing in continuous lengths of the longest submarine cables on a worldwide basis. 
Cyclades interconnection with the Hellenic Electric Power Transmission System constitutes a key driver for the empowerment of the islands economy, contributing both to environmental protection through the reduction of CO2 emissions and the increase of the renewable energy sources power base, as well as through the energy shielding of Cyclades islands.
The award of this high-profile project underlines the leading position of Cablel® Hellenic Cables and its subsidiary Fulgor in the submarine cable manufacturing market and in the global offshore energy industry. Moreover, it indicates their capability to succeed in achieving cost-effective, reliable and innovative solutions and successfully execute complex turnkey projects. Over the last years, Hellenic Cables has persistently developed a wide range of technologically innovative cabling solutions and know-how from high voltage submarine cables to extra high voltage cables, as well as optical fibre submarine cables.
Athens, 3 July 2018