Efthimios Christodoulou

Efthimios Christodoulou, independent, non-executive member.

Mr. Christodoulou holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Hamilton College and a Master’s degree in Economics from Columbia University. He has served on the staff of the National Bureau of Economic Research (New York) and was a lecturer at New York University. Mr. Christodoulou was Governor of the National Bank of Greece, President of the Union of Hellenic Banks and Director General of the National Investment Bank for Industrial Development (ETEBA), Governor of the Bank of Greece (Central Bank of Greece). He has also acted as President of the Board and CEO of Olympic Airways, Executive President of Hellenic Petroleum S.A., and was a member of the European Parliament. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of National Economy in Greece. Until June 2013, Mr. Christodoulou also served as President of EFG Eurobank. He is also President of various philanthropic institutions.