Jean Charles Faulx

Jean Charles Faulx, executive member.

Mr. Faulx holds a Master’s degree in Economic Sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL). He is a member of the Board of Directors of International Trade S.A., Genecos S.A. (Paris), Terra Middle East (Dusseldorf), Base Metals (Istanbul), and Metal Agencies (London). He was also member of the Board of Directors of Cofidin and Cofidin Treasury Center S.A., prior to their absorption by Cofidin in August 2013. Mr. Faulx also serves as CEO of Tepro Metall AG, a subsidiary of Viohalco, Strega sprl, Airicom France SAS and Airicom Middle East. In the past, Mr. Faulx has served as CEO of Studio58 S.A. and Promark SPRL and has held various positions at Techno Trade S.A, JCT Invest and Elval Automotive S.A.