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Heating, ventilation and
  air conditioning market

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning market


 Viohalco subsidiaries produce a broad spectrum of copper tubes and other copper and aluminium components for heat exchangers. 
Halcor Plain, inner grooved and insulated copper tubes (Talos ACR, Talos ACR Inner Grooved, Talos ACR Ecutherm, Talos ACR Ecutherm II, Talos Form) for heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R)
Sofia Med Copper strips for boilers and heat exchangers 
  Brass strips for heat exchangers
UACJ - Elval Heat Exchanger Materials GMBH Aluminium brazing strips for heat exchangers (finstock, tubestock, header and side plates)
Symetal Aluminium foil for heat exchangers, thermal rotors and air ducts
Etem Aluminium profiles for heating radiators and heat exchangers