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Technology and R&D

Activities and companies


Viohalco’s portfolio includes research and development (R&D) companies which focus on new, innovative and high value added products, efficient solutions for the optimization of industrial and business processes, research into the environmental performance of plants and impact assessment of sustainable growth.
The portfolio also includes engineering, automation and informatics companies with over 30 years’ experience producing innovative applications in industry, energy and environment. IT activities include pioneering solutions in the fields of ERP, CRM, BI, traceability and others. 
To stay ahead of technological developments, Viohalco companies carry out continuous R&D and develop innovative solutions. They also maintain strategic partnerships with scientific bodies, international research centres and other international pioneer companies. Scientific research carried out at Viohalco’s copper, aluminium and steel foundries and their respective production plants, has resulted in significant in-house knowledge in metallurgy.
One of the competitive advantages of Viohalco’s companies is their expertise in building and upgrading plants, and their experience in planning, re-engineering, process optimisation and supervisory control systems.
Another key strength is human capital. Leading process, material, mechanical and electrical engineers and metallurgists guarantee a steady increase in quality alongside a continuous increase in productivity. 

Key companies

Elkeme’s main focus is applied industrial research and technological development or analysis of the four major metals sectors (aluminium, copper, steel and zinc). The Centre provides value added R&D services and technical solutions for new products, and the optimization of existing business and plant production processes. 
Teka Systems S.A. undertakes highly demanding engineering projects in the steel, aluminium, copper, power and telecommunication cables industries. It is active in engineering and construction, the commissioning of industrial equipment and the process and automation of technologies in integrated projects. It also implements IT projects in the fields of ERP, CRM, BI, analytics and others.
Praksys S.A. develops, markets and oversees the implementation of new technologies in structural and concrete reinforcing steel.
Elval Technology centre develops highly-resistant special products with non-skid properties. Elval also produces extra flat sheets with top-quality lacquer-coatings, products made of 100% recycled aluminium and deep drawing and extrusion products. 
Symetal’s Technology department undertakes innovative surface design and the control of aluminium affinity for laminates and coatings, customized mechanical characteristics for flawless forming, and the application of the latest European Food Contact Legislation, in line with the company’s strategic presence in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industries.
Alongside these R&D resources, additional research is performed by established, specialised institutions that meet customer requirements.

Halcor operates a new and innovative laboratory to test the thermal performance of inner grooved tubes (IGT). This allows the company to improve the energy efficiency of its products and to also offer a new range of services.

Hellenic Cables has established a state-of-the-art Polymer Laboratory at its plant in Oinofyta. The laboratory mainly conducts chemical analyses and identification of raw materials, with an emphasis on quality control and the analysis of polymers for high and extra high underground and submarine cables. Research and development of new plastics and elastomer compounds takes place in the laboratory.
Etem continually develops product solutions for the automotive industry, investing in dedicated machines and processing tools and undertaking vigorous testing to deliver high quality products. Following years of development and collaboration with customers and European institutes and research centres, Etem is a Tier 2 and Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, certified to produce aluminium profiles and parts for crash relevant systems. Furthermore, through continuous R&D, Etem develops its architectural systems to comply with the strictest European standards. Certified by leading European accredited laboratories, high quality seals all Etem products.
Sidenor’s long-standing culture of innovation is exemplified in its in-depth research and considerable investment in hi-tech machinery. The Group is proud to have gone one step beyond and developed a state-of-the-art technology in house, patented under the name Synthesis™. Synthesis™ is a unique system for the industrial-scale prefabrication of reinforcing steel. The Synthesis concept was developed by Sidenor’s R&D arm, Praksys, which also developed a complete software package to accompany the technology, including components such as product design, machine operation control, e-ordering, production planning and logistics.
Sidenor has also adopted new innovative production solutions in both of its Greek plants, in Almyros and Thessaloniki. Induction reheating furnaces have replaced gas-fired furnaces leading to significantly reduced carbon emissions during production, natural gas conservation and energy demand reduction per ton of produced steel. 
The field of oil and gas exploration and production in which Corinth Pipeworks activities are focused, is emphasizing ongoing technological developments and use of advanced technologies.
Being up-to date with the latest technical and technological developments, Corinth Pipeworks continuously monitors the following R&D activities: 
  • Implementation of process optimization techniques combined with extensive internal trial productions, aiming to narrow optimum working range for all variables targeting higher product uniformity.
  • Broadening its production range in terms of thickness and grade.
  • Development of advanced tracking, process control systems, advanced non-destructive inspection techniques and controls.
  • Development and manufacturing of pipes for extreme applications (sour service, offshore, high strain applications such as reeling, etc).
  • Application of advanced corrosion and mechanical protection systems.
  • Collaboration with international research organizations and institutes (EPRG, TWI, Elkeme)
  • Participation in major European and international projects targeting both the development of pipe properties and pipeline integrity (JIP and RFCS projects).

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