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Teka Systems S.A. - Engineering projects & ERP systems

Teka Systems S.A. - Engineering projects & ERP systems 

Teka Systems S.A., a Viohalco subsidiary, has experience of highly demanding engineering projects in the steel, aluminium, copper, power and telecommunication cables industries, as well as in water treatment plants and water distribution networks. It also implements ERP systems in the fields of manufacturing, telecommunication, pharmaceuticals and logistics, among others. 
Teka Systems offers the following services: engineering, construction,, erection and commissioning of industrial equipment, process and automation technologies to integrated projects, and the study and implementation of ERP systems. 
Examples include: 
  • The assembly and erection of several rolling mills, including:
    • Installation and assembly of a 4-hi hot rolling aluminium mill, reversing with hot coilers, with 15,000 kW total installed power. Auxiliaries such as run out tables, slab and coil handling devices and coolant and lubrication equipment were engineered and manufactured exclusively by Teka Systems. 
    • Installation and assembly of a 6-hi cold rolling aluminium mill.
  • The assembly and erection of numerous extrusion presses for up to 5,000 tons of aluminium, copper and copper alloys. Engineering and manufacture of press auxiliary systems, such as run out tables for aluminium profiles and copper tubes.
  • The assembly and erection of copper tube making equipment such as drawing benches and spinner blocks. Engineering and construction of level wound coil handling systems, such as basket chain conveyors and basket stacking devices.
  • The installation of cable manufacturing systems, up to 450 kV.
  • The engineering, manufacture and erection of melting furnaces and slab casting furnaces (tilting type).
  • The engineering, manufacture and delivery of industrial equipment to :
    • Greece
    • Bulgaria 
    • United Kingdom 
    • Romania 
  • The implementation of ERP, CRM, business intelligence and analytics for various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare in Greece and abroad, including in Romania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and France.
  • The automation and control systems for industrial installations of AC/DC motors, PLC, SCADA.