Quality product solutions

Wide product range

Wide product range


Viohalco companies offer a wide range of high quality, innovative products and solutions to customers operating in diverse and demanding markets across the globe. They offer sustainable and cost-effective products in a range of dimensions, cross-sections, metals and alloys.

Across all segments, Viohalco companies offer products and services that closely align with current global sustainability trends. This reflects their ability to meet the evolving needs and commitments of customers, and their commitment as responsible corporate citizens to operate in a sustainable manner.

Viohalco subsidiaries are recognised amongst the global leaders in aluminium, cable, copper, steel and steel pipes manufacturing. Focusing on high quality, innovative and sustainable products and solutions, the companies meet the needs of international customers in infrastructure projects and in diverse markets. Viohalco companies’ core strengths are:
  • Diversified operations which enable identification of global opportunities and channelling of investments into attractive markets. 
  • Effective human resource management, building experienced teams to support investment decisions.  
  • Expertise in selecting cutting edge production lines which enrich the global market. 
  • Commitment to applying the latest management systems and production optimisation procedures to secure long-term growth of Viohalco companies.
Viohalco companies offer reliable and innovative product solutions in architectural design and construction, energy and telecommunication transmission and distribution networks, oil and gas, automotive and shipbuilding applications, food and pharmaceutical packaging, water supply and sanitary systems, heating and air conditioning systems, as well as a wide range of industrial and engineering applications.  
In addition, Viohalco and its companies develop a significant portfolio of commercial and industrial properties, predominantly in Greece. 
To meet the changing needs of its customers, the companies invest significantly in R&D&I of state-of-the-art technology to continuously bring innovative and value added products and services to the market and improve production processes, as well as to promote materials recycling, waste management and the optimal use of natural resources. 
Viohalco companies with production facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, the United Kingdom and participations in companies with production facilities in Turkey, Russia and the Netherlands, a strong commercial network in 21 countries, market their products in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Viohalco companies hold significant market shares in various geographical markets and serve a diverse customer base consisting of some of the largest companies worldwide. With ongoing investments in R&D&I and technology  and a highly specialised workforce, Viohalco companies are credible partners to global customers in competitive and demanding markets. 


World class quality


Viohalco subsidiaries are committed to ensuring the highest quality of products and services for their customers. Creating a competitive advantage is not only a priority for the companies, but a key element of their corporate responsibility.


Quality is measured in terms of customer experience. Viohalco companies always apply strategies to meet and exceed their customer expectations.
That belief pushes their standards ever higher, improving quality from product to product.


At Viohalco subsidiaries quality matters and it is everyone's responsibility. The companies are committed to continually improving the quality of their products and services and to delivering an exceptional customer experience. 


Viohalco companies aim to continuously improve their value propositions and maintain long and committed relationships with their customers. This is achieved through:


  • a strong focus on innovation and R&D&Ι and technology
  • implementation of the latest management and operational processes 
  • the adoption of state-of-the art manufacturing equipment and technologies
  • deep knowledge of metallurgy  
  • on-going development and personal growth of their people.  


In an increasingly competitive global environment, Viohalco companies continually improve their production capacity and human skills to create high value product solutions to their customers. Viohalco companies’ dedicated technology and R&D centres, such as the Elkeme, Hellenic Metal Research Centre S.A., the Elval Technology centre and Teka Systems S.A. keep them at the forefront of the latest developments, leveraging new manufacturing and processing technologies to successfully bring new products and innovative solutions to market. Viohalco companies work closely with their customers on the development of specific applications and custom solutions. 



Reliable solutions


Viohalco companies are committed to ensuring the highest level of reliability in their products and services. They measure reliability in terms of their customer experience and ensure that their products and services consistently perform according to customer expectations. 

Viohalco companies achieve this through a systematic process of designing reliability into the products and processes using the best available science-based methods and integrating reliability into the overall product development cycle.  

Rather than being suppliers, the Viohalco companies aim to be reliable and customer-driven solution providers. 

Building on their extensive knowledge of the production process, implemented within their state-of-the-art facilities, and a deep understanding of customer needs, Viohalco companies act as an indispensable source of technical insights within the industries in which they operate. With their emphasis on R&D&I, special focus on innovation across technical, marketing and operational functions and dedicated customer service, Viohalco companies can leverage synergies and strategic partnerships to produce cost-effective, high quality, high performance and innovative solutions that meet customer needs. 

One of the companies’ core strategies is the engagement and exchange of know-how through joint projects between their highly trained technical teams and their customers. This collaboration serves as a tool for the development of innovative solutions, the improvement of products and services and for entering new markets.