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Resource recovery

Activities and companies


Viohalco’s resource recovery segment trades and processes secondary raw materials, undertakes waste management, provides environmental-friendly solutions, and services to consumers. Recycling is one of Viohalco’s most rapidly developing segments. Resource recovery segment was formed as a result of Viohalco’s commitment to the continuous improvement of its companies’ environmental performance, and a desire to utilise waste according to the principles of circular economy. In recent years, Viohalco’s waste management companies have extended their services and expertise to a large number of external organizations, including multinational companies, public utilities, municipalities and extended producers responsibility schemes. 

Key companies

The key companies in the resource recovery segment are:
Established in 2001, Aeiforos S.A. processes 400,000 tons of industrial waste per year through its two resource recovery plants in Greece. The company provides waste management services to steel production plants, non-ferrous metal producers, refineries and scrap shredders, among others. Aeiforos also operates an end-of-life vehicle depollution center, and a 6,000 sq.m. warehouse for metallic scrap trading. 
Secondary raw materials produced by Aeiforos are used in the production of metals, road construction, where slag aggregates are used in asphalt layers, and cement plants, where secondary fuel from Aeiforos’s new post-shredder-treatment plant is used for energy recovery. Aeiforos holds all waste collection permits required for its operations in Greece, including a license for transportation of  hazardous waste management.  The Company’s plants are certified for quality and environmental performance according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Established in 2004, Aeiforos Bulgaria S.A. processes more than 100,000 tons of industrial waste per year.  Situated in Pernik, Bulgaria, the Company focuses on the recovery of steelmaking residues like steel slag, heavy shredder fraction, used refractories and scrap sorting residues. Aeiforos Bulgaria’s products are recycled for use in road construction, cement production and metals production. The Company has also gradually expanded into other waste management activities, including waste disposal.
Aeiforos Bulgaria currently operates through another subsidiary an industrial waste landfill in Pernik. The landfill occupies 144 ha and will have a total capacity of around 1.6 million cubic meters, serving various industries including the steelmaking, aluminium and copper production industries. 
Anamet S.A. is Greece’s leading resource recover company. Originally a metal scrap trader when it was established in 1966, it now offers a wide range of waste management services to both Viohalco companies and other clients, including multinational companies and public utilities. These include servicing industrial sites, the recovery and uptake of secondary raw materials. Anamet also retains contractual agreements with most of the extended producer responsibility schemes operating in Greece. Anamet is certified for quality, health and safety, and its environmental performance according to ISO 9001, ISO 18001, ISO 14001 and regulation 2009/1221/EC (EMAS), respectively. It is also certified according to the regulation 2011/333/EC for establishing end of waste criteria for ferrous and aluminium scrap. 
The company systematically carries out corporate social responsibility initiatives to promote recycling, counter illegal activities and establish win-win practices for all stakeholders (public, NGOs, governmental bodies, industry). These include the programmes: metal alert (, car4care ( and green auto parts (  
Bianatt S.A. specialises in the processing and depollution of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The company is equipped with processing lines for all WEEE categories, from fridges and other large domestic appliances to the smallest electronic equipment. The company is affiliated with Appliances Recycling, the collective take-back system for WEEE in Greece, and is licensed to process 50,000 tons of WEEE per annum. Bianatt is certified for quality, health and safety, and environmental performance according to ISO 9001, ISO 18001, ISO 14001 and regulation 2009/1221/EC (EMAS). Furthermore, the company offers safe data destruction services (Total EraseTM) and is certified according to ISO 27001. Bianatt is committed to promoting a culture of responsible WEEE management and as such, offers information programs in schools and a free library of information on its website.
Thermolith is a refractory producer that exploits olivine deposits in Northern Greece for the production of EBT filler sand, slag conditioner and foundry sand. Olivine is also used as raw material in the refractory industry. 
In a second facility located near Thessaloniki, Greece, Thermolith produces refractory mixes for steel manufacturing (tundish mixes, ramming and gunning mixes) and other industries.
Combining mining and processing, Thermolith managed to established itself worldwide as a reliable partner and a consistent producer of high quality olivine and refractory products.