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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainability is fully integrated into the Viohalco companies’ strategy, based on their commitment to improved environmental performance, operational health and safety, people development as well as support for the local communities. 
Throughout the companies, sustainability is integrated into decision-making processes to promote the adoption of environmentally friendly methods and techniques, as well as to encourage focus on products which have a positive environmental impact. Viohalco companies set targets related to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility that are incorporated into their business operations, recognising that long-term business growth and social prosperity can only be achieved through sustainable development. Strategic priorities for the companies include the provision of a safe and healthy workplace, the reduction of their environmental footprint and the comprehensive coverage of customer needs. 
Viohalco is a founding member of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) Sustainable Development Council.
Viohalco companies also promote manufacturing methods that emphasise recycling and invest in the sustainable use of natural resources. These efforts are supported by the commitment to occupational health and safety, through the continuous training and development of people, as well as the aspiration for an ongoing positive contribution to the social, cultural and economic development of the communities where the companies operate. 
In line with Viohalco’s values of responsibility, integrity, transparency, effectiveness and innovation, Viohalco companies have undertaken the following commitments:
  • Implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy at all levels and in all operating entities.
  • Strict compliance with the legislation and full implementation of standards, policies, internal guidelines and procedures, as well as other commitments, arising from voluntary agreements.
  • Two-way ongoing communication with all stakeholders in order to identify and record their needs and expectations, since building and developing relationships of mutual trust with stakeholders is key in successfully meeting objectives for sustainable development. 
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment for the companies’ people, partners and any third parties involved.
  • Protection of human rights and provision of a work environment of equal opportunities, free from any discrimination.
  • Open communication, based on transparency, with all of the companies’ stakeholders.
  • Continuing efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, through responsible actions and implementation of preventive measures in accordance with Best Available Techniques, in order to reduce and minimise the impact of their operations on the environment.
  • Continuous effort to create added value for their stakeholders.
For more information, please visit the companies’ corporate social responsibility and sustainable development reports: