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Sustainability Policy


Viohalco as a holding company, requires its subsidiaries, hereinafter “Viohalco companies”, to incorporate into policies the following principles:

Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption issues 
Viohalco and its companies are committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity and in compliance with all relevant laws. Viohalco and its subsidiaries ensure transparency in all interactions and acknowledges that it has a moral and legal obligation to act responsibly in all jurisdictions. Viohalco and its subsidiaries cannot tolerate illegal or unethical business activity. The performance and competitiveness is strengthened solely through lawful conduct.

Viohalco and its companies are fully opposed to all kinds of bribery and corruption. Viohalco and its subsidiaries are determined to maintain a culture of honesty and opposition to fraud and corruption. Viohalco will maintain a system of internal accounting controls and keep its books and records, in reasonable detail that accurately and fairly reflect transactions and dispositions of assets.

Environmental issues
Viohalco companies are committed to operate with absolute responsibility and respect for the environment and the society. Sound environmental management of all production and storage installations is one of the most important targets and is absolutely essential to the sustainability of the Companies’ activities.

Viohalco companies operate in full compliance with applicable national and EU environmental legislation, as well as with the specific environmental operational terms of each plant. Viohalco companies operate in a state of absolute transparency and participate in an open dialogue on environmental issues with all the stakeholders.

Labour issues 
Viohalco and its companies do not tolerate any discrimination of race, gender, religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic origin, disability, belief, sexual orientation, or political and trade union engagement. These principles apply to the recruitment of new employees, to employees with an employment contract and to the professional promotion of their employees. The only decisive factors of employment are performance, experience, personality, efficiency, skills and qualifications.

Viohalco and its companies reject any form of forced labour. All work performed in the companies must be voluntary. Viohalco companies prohibit the employment of individuals under the applicable statutory minimum age for workers. 

Viohalco companies are committed to continually promote health and safety for their employees as well as for their partners, including customers, suppliers, contractors and visitors. Viohalco companies strictly comply with all applicable legislation and fully implement all suitable standards, instructions and procedures regarding health and safety. 

Human rights issues
Viohalco and its companies recognise the right of all employees and stakeholders to work with dignity and believe that everyone in the Companies is responsible for having due regard for human rights. 

Viohalco and its companies support and respect the fundamental principles, as articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Viohalco and its companies support the protection of international human rights within the sphere of their influence, and will not be complicit in human rights abuses. The Companies’ policies and procedures adhere to all applicable domestic laws concerning freedom of association and collective bargaining, non-discrimination, forced labour and underage workers in the workplace. 

Social issues
Viohalco and its companies are committed to operate responsibly in all their business activities while at the same time expecting the same responsibility from its business partners. Concern for employee health and safety, respect and protection of the environment, comprehensive coverage of customer needs, responsible business practices from its suppliers and harmonious coexistence with the local communities in which they operate are the main issues with a wider social impact. 

Accountability and responsibility to act in a socially responsible and sustainable manner is everyone’s responsibility at Viohalco companies.